First class VTC

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The present general conditions of sale are concluded between:


the company First Class VTC,

hereinafter referred to as “the Seller” or SASU First Class VTC

And on the other hand,

Any natural or legal person wishing to use the services of SASU First Class VTC

Hereinafter referred to as “the customer

Together referred to as “the Parties

The Seller reserves the right to modify or adapt at any time and without notice the present general conditions of sale, in particular, to bring them into compliance with the statutory regulations. The Customer is therefore invited to consult them on a regular basis and before any reservation of service.

However, the general conditions applicable to each service will be those in force on the day of the final validation of the service by the Customer.

These general conditions of sale define the respective rights and obligations of the Contracting Parties in connection with the sale of the services provided by SASU First Class VTC.

By signing the agreement, or the quote, or the order form or accepting the order confirmation, the Customer expressly acknowledges having read and accepted these terms and conditions of sale. Only derogations which are the subject of a written agreement of the Seller may modify the application of these general conditions.


The Seller carries on the activity of operator of a passenger car with driver. As part of this activity, the search for customers on public roads or otherwise called “maraude” is prohibited and the transport services in the context of this activity are made only by reservation.

The different types of services are defined in the appendix at the same time as their rates.

The chauffeur-driven car rental service provided by the Seller consists of the provision of a passenger vehicle that is inextricably combined with the services of a driver.

Are included in the price of the service:

  • Unlimited professional liability insurance for persons transported
  • The salary of the qualified driver as required by the regulations
  • Maintenance of the vehicle, except as otherwise provided herein
  • The kilometers and the time according to quote departure and arrival
  • Toll fees
  • the transport of the luggage of the Customer

Are not included in the price of the service:

  • Entrance fees to public and other sites and places (eg monuments, museums, exhibitions, shows …)
  • Telephone or computer communications (internet … etc) issued or received by the customer using the communication tools of the vehicle and / or the driver if they are provided

The meal expenses of the driver, in the event of service during the meal hours, according to the modalities indicated below:
For any service with a schedule greater than 4 (four) hours, when the service takes place in whole or in part during the usual lunch hour (time slot between 12 noon and 2 pm) and / or time dinner (time slot between 19:00 and 21:00), it is charged a meal meal allowance of a fixed amount of TWENTY Euros TTC per meal.

The cost of accommodation of the driver in case of long journey. When the journey is long, the driver must rest along the way, to ensure the safety of the Client and the vehicle and to comply with the regulations in force.

If the driver’s service includes one night, the hours of rest (example: from 0H00 to 07H00 in the morning) are included in the price of the service as announced to the Customer.

However, the Customer must pay for accommodation and breakfast. Accommodation in case of overnight stay and / or the meal of the driver will be billed at a flat rate:

  • For accommodation CENT Euros TTC. 100 €
  • For the breakfast TWENTY Euros TTC. 15 €

Also before departure and after depositing the Customer at his place of destination, the driver may be required to take a night’s rest, The hotel night will be charged CENT Euros TTC including flat-rate and breakfast and / or dinner will be billed at a fixed price.

Mileage and time are counted according to the Customer’s place of departure and destination.

Any charging unit (kilometer, hour) started is due.

Any additional services requested by the Customer (extra kilometers, overtime … etc) not included in the initial quote will be subject to additional billing.

If the Seller picks up the Customer at an airport or at a train station, the driver will wait for the Customer to leave the flight or the train after he / she has retrieved his / her luggage and passed the customs. The driver will have a sign with the name if necessary. of the Client or that of his guests. In exceptional cases where the Customer does not see the driver, the Customer agrees to contact the driver at the following number 06 25 77 23 82. If the Customer does not contact the Seller, the latter considers that the Customer has not submitted and the transfer will be canceled. This cancellation will be governed by the provisions of Article 6- Cancellation below.

A deductible period of 30 minutes from the arrival time of the train or the flight as indicated by the Customer at the time of booking, is included in the price. Beyond this, any expectation will be subject to an additional billing to the Customer.


All the routes of the transport services requested, and their mileage, are calculated using applications such as Michelin, Mappy and the GPS integrated in the driver ‘s vehicle. Our rates are determined based on these sources.

An exact departure and arrival address must be provided to calculate the route and the mileage. An exact address must be of the following form: number, name of the street, full name of the municipality. In the absence of a complete address, the farthest point of the commune, the district or the communicated street will be taken into account.


Changes in itineraries and detours resulting from events beyond the control of the Customer (such as work, bad weather, detours, traffic jams or accidents) will not be charged to the Customer. These events can not be grounds for dispute or claim.

Changes of routes and detours made at the request of the Customer are not allowed. However, the driver, in agreement with the management of the Seller, may accept such a request if it has no influence on the smooth running of the company, such as a delay in taking charge of a customer following . Any change of itinerary or detour requested by the Customer will be subject to additional invoicing, the amount of which will be fixed according to the distance.


The reservation of a service is done by telephone (06 25 77 23 82), e-mail (, or via our site (, or by mail.

The reservation by phone, must take place at least 2 hours before the start of the transport service (this period may be reduced at the discretion of the Provider depending on the availability of vehicles).

Upon receipt of the reservation request, an estimate will be sent to the Customer. Quotations are valid for fifteen (15) days from the date of issue.

The reservation of the service will become contractual and will be regarded as firm and final between the Parties after return of the quotation accepted by the Customer with the mention “good for agreement”.


The prices indicated by the Seller are denominated in euro. VAT or any other duty or taxes included.

Any transport service is payable in cash with the driver once the place of destination reached by the following payment methods: cash, credit card.

In the event that a deposit has been received by the Seller when booking the service, the latter will not be returned and will be retained as a lump sum.

Any service started is due in its entirety. A deposit equal to 40% of the total amount of the envisaged service may be required for benefits over € 100. This deposit must be paid at the latest when the Customer sends the accepted quote with the mention “good for agreement”.

The settlement of the balance will be made with the driver once the place of destination reached by the same means of payment as indicated above.

In the event of late payment of late interest equal to 1.5 times the interest rate the equal will be applied automatically and without prior notice.


Exceptionally, for business customers, billing can be established monthly from duplicate intervention vouchers established for each service, against signed by the beneficiary of the intervention, and must be honored in a maximum period of 30 days following the date of issue.

Any delay or non-payment may entail by right:

The immediate exigibility of the remaining sum due
The calculation and payment of late penalty calculated in the form of interest at the minimum rate equivalent to 3 times the interest rate equals (in effect on the date of invoicing the amount due). Beyond the payment period stipulated by the contract or, by default stipulated by these Terms, the Customer is automatically put in default, without prior reminder.
Suspension of the execution of current and future services concluded with the Client.



The responsibility of the drivers being engaged during the period of the benefits, they are instructed to respect and to enforce the road regulations and the laws in force.

Under no circumstances may the Customer require the driver to exceed the authorized speed limit or to commit traffic violations.

Similarly, drivers are prohibited from assisting any company or action contrary to morality or morality.

The Customer undertakes to maintain a correct attitude, not to smoke, not to consume narcotics or alcoholic beverages inside the vehicle.

Wearing the belt at the front and back is mandatory. The good respect of this rule exonerates the Seller from any responsibility in case of accident.

The Seller reserves the right to stop the performance of the service or to refuse access to the vehicle to the person with aggressive, disrespectful, vulgar or insulting behavior towards customers, passers-by, road users or the driver.

This judgment or refusal of the service will result in the invoicing of the whole of it and will not open to any indemnity.

Also, the reservation of a vehicle does not guarantee access to the vehicle, the driver being authorized by the management, for security or medical reasons, to refuse access to people with a state of alcohol that he considers advanced or requiring specific care.

Damage to the vehicle and its equipment will be borne by the Customer.

Any damage to the vehicle or damage caused by the unintentional opening of the doors or windows by the Customer will be charged. This is why the Seller asks the Customer to let the driver open and close the doors of the vehicle.

The intake and consumption of food and drink, other than those


The amount of baggage carried is proportional to the volume of the luggage compartment of the vehicle. Therefore, they must fit in the trunk of the vehicle and be of a reasonable size not calling into question the safety of the passengers and the driver.

The weight of the luggage is limited to 25 kg per passenger. In case of baggage exceeding the weight indicated above, the Customer must inform the Seller when booking the service.

The luggage must not present any risk of deterioration of the vehicle. Any damage to the vehicle will be charged to the Customer.

The luggage remains under the responsibility of the Customer. fragile objects that may be present in the baggage remain under the sole responsibility of the Customer.

The Seller can not be held responsible for any loss or loss of luggage or any other object in the vehicle.


Any claims must be made in writing within 8 (eight) days after performance of the service by registered mail with request for acknowledgment of receipt addressed to the registered office of the Seller.

After this period, no dispute will be taken into account.


The liability of SAS First Class VTC can not be implemented if the non execution of the service or the delay in the execution of this one derives from a case of force majeure. As such, force majeure means any external event, unforeseeable and irresistible within the meaning of Article 1148 of the Civil Code.


In the event that one of the clauses of these general conditions of sale would be declared illegal or unenforceable, by a change of legislation, or by a court decision become final, nullity or unenforceability would be strictly limited to the said clause. , and in no way affect the validity of the other stipulations. ”


The failure of the Seller to comply with any of the provisions of these terms and conditions does not constitute a waiver by him of invoking them at any time and does not affect the validity of all or part of these conditions. ”


The present general conditions of sale, as well as all the contractual relations which could result from it are subjected to the French right. In the event that a dispute arises between the Customer and the Seller, the Parties undertake to seek an amicable solution, taking into account the interests of each of them before taking any legal action. Otherwise, all disputes and claims can be taken into account only if they are formulated in writing and sent to the seller within 8 days after the date of the service. In case of dispute, the parties expressly agree to refer to the jurisdiction of the courts. “